Saturday 18 June 2016

Fourteen things I learnt in Amsterdam

Now that I'm back in Amsterdam it's an appropriate time to reflect on what I learnt from the previous trip in 2014.

1. It is possible to get doored in bicycle heaven.

2. There's a gazillion bike racks at the football stadium (are you paying attention Perth?).

3. The burgers are .... different.

4. They have a MAMIL. Although...he could have been a tourist.

5. Amsterdam library has the best lighting of any public building I've been in.

6. The Dutch know how to party.

7. Drinking beer and cake decorating seems to be a thing.

8. Pedestrians are at the bottom of the food chain.

9. They know how to do a detour.

10. The dogs are cute.

11. The Dutch all want to park next to the front door even when there's plenty of underground parking available (just like Australians except we use cars).

12. And there's this crazy red car that thinks it's a bike. It's always using the bike paths and squeezes into parking areas. The locals are very polite and pretend not to notice.

13. If someone is wearing hi-viz, they probably work like that.

14. I love the place.


  1. The red car in #12 is actually fully in its right to use bike paths etc. Its legal status is that of a mobility scooter.

    1. Yes, I am aware of this classification. After the first time I was passed by a Canta I did a little research. For a car they have a lot of personality so it is fun to imagine them with a mind of their own.