Thursday, 13 December 2012

More transport planning by gardeners?

Sadly those crazy paths of Amberton are not such a rare thing in Perth. This wobbly path has been provided by the Town of Kwinana in Patterson Road Kwinana Beach. 

Here you have a choice. The on-road cycle lane, where cement trucks can drift across at 90 km/h and give you a tap on the shoulder. Or, you can extend your trip and zig-zag along the shared-path that artistically defines the edge of a garden bed.

Another creative path has been provided by the Town of Cambridge on Selby Street in Floreat. There are a few trees to negotiate but these gardeners, using the principle that bicycles are toys, have added extra wobbles to keep us entertained.

This one is just for pedestrians and is not yet completed. The landscape designers of the new Bendat Parent and Community Centre in Dodd Street Wembley have recently created this challenging path between two primary schools. The path is new and the trees recently planted, although the path is on public land it seems that the construction company has done the complete package. Unfortunately anyone using the path will get a face full of tree.

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