Saturday, 5 October 2013

The view is better from a bike

This week I spotted a lake on my way to visit the Subiaco council to discuss crosswalks. It is hidden behind a hedge. You can see it if you are riding a bicycle but would completely miss it from the seat of a car.

The view from a bicycle

The view from a car


  1. Nice find. Where is this said lake? Oh, how did the discussion with Subiaco go on the crosswalks (pedestrian crossings?)

    1. The lake is next to Mere View Way. The meeting went quite well. The City of Subiaco think crosswalks in Rokeby and Bagot would be an improvement, however the changes need to be approved by Main Roads WA. The City has agreed to submit a proposal but have some doubt about success. This might take a while, but I am ready for the task.