Saturday, 27 July 2013

Positive things

It has been a while since I last posted. Work was very busy for several months but I am getting some balance back. I thought I would share a few positive things. Here is a photo of the shared path through Subiaco during a recent morning commute. It reminds me how good it can be to travel by bicycle. This section is away from the noise of motor vehicles, is not used by pedestrians very much and is a short cut through a park.

Shared path Subiaco

I spotted this new bike rack in Leederville this week. Instead of taking up valuable pedestrian space this rack is made by taking over a car parking bay.  A very solid design, I think bicycles will be well protected inside this.

Newcastle Street Leederville

Newcastle Street Leederville
The City of Vincent have been doing some good things lately. Apart from the bicycle rack they are also doing a trial of extending cafe space into the road. This area has taken over two car parking bays. I think it is a great improvement. The Town of Claremont could learn a lot from this, successful urban areas are not made by providing endless car parking. 

Oxford Street

There was also a couple of interesting press releases this week.  The West Australian newspaper had articles on the City of Fremantle's plans to increase spending on infrastructure and also the proposal to make new laws to ensure motor vehicle drivers allow a safe distance when passing a person on a bicycle. 

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  1. I really like the Mayor of Freo's target because of its short-term end date, which impels Council to get the infrastructure in place. Compare that to Bicycle WA's never-never plan that is so far into the future that its effectively allows the current authorities to do nothing. BWA aren't alone in doing this as Bicycle SA and the SA State Government have similar faraway miniscule targets, as do the eastern States cycling "advocates".

    Thanks for the post. Keep that work-life balance thing going.